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I don’t know if hospital food is actually bad or if it’s the environment in which it’s eaten. I find that in good company in good times, plain food can taste like the finest delicacy. Any time I’ve eaten in a hospital, the reasons for the visit cloud my taste buds.

Well, on to happier things. Tomorrow is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and for once in a good many years, I will get to enjoy going from shop to shop! I will make damn sure to stop at Collector’s Corner in Baltimore to visit my friend and fellow Super Art Fighter Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco who will be signing and sketching for people. You know, I don’t think I own his books. This must be rectified! The rest of the Art Fight crew is in Boston for ROFLCon so if you’re at MIT for the con, check them out tonight at 8:30pm where team Art Fight takes on Caldwell Tanner, Rob DenBleyker, Zach Weiner, and Ethan Nicole. If those names sound familiar, you may know them from College Humor, Explosm, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and Axe Cop.

Alrighty, that about does it. I hope you all have an awesome FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and an AVENGEFUL weekend. And if you enjoy a certain assemblage of heroes in the theaters this weekend, consider throwing something into the tip jar of the Hero Initiative, a charitable organization dedicated to helping comic creators of old, some of whom were responsible for creating the characters that we see in the theaters and who, sadly, will see none of those profits.

  • Vortigar

    Heh, this piece of euro-trash already saw the Avengers last Friday, apparently you guys are getting an extra scene though.

    In my experience hospital food is indeed bad. Spent a week in the hospital some seven years back due to a contusion. Had a cool roommate, we were the two young guys on the neuro department, the rest of the patients were all over 60. Very cute nurses too. Now that I think of it I only had two meals. When I was awake and strong enough to eat solid food it was time to go. But they were both awful.

  • Tobias Joseph Caine

    FCBD is Saturday

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Yeah, tomorrow.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Extra scene!!! I can’t wait to see it. No spoilers! Although, I’m guessing that things get avenged. And such.

  • Jamie B!

    I think you’re missing an “a” in the first panel… “I know I looks like A wrinkly mess”.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    For once, that was an intentional grammatical choice.

  • Romero Stokes

    Hey Jamie!  Love your strip.  Quick question though: is Miss Jessy African American and from the South?  Just wondering about the grammatical choices.  By the way, I’m in Bethesda at the moment and heading back to Atlanta tonight.  So this is just a little head nod from your “psychic blood brother” (DC Cab reference) while I’m in your neighborhood.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Yeah. At least, that’s the way she sounds in my head. Sometimes I wish I could cast actors so everyone can hear what I’m hearing when I write these people.

  • Kiriain

     Before, I just thought Lance was a well-tooled pornstar, and a silly cousin of Kane’s. Now I know he’s sweet to the little old ladies. Aww….

  • Jamie Noguchi

    OH, and if you have time, stop by BGR in Besthesda for some awesome burgers and shakes!!!!

  • Jamie Noguchi

    He’s a sexy onion, full of layers.

  • Aenya Hiri Silverleaf

    As someone with a V.I.P. card for my local ER,  I can indeed testify on the matter: hospital food is /AWFUL/. It’s a universal truth for… everywhere. I don’t know whether they just overcook it or something, but it’s always mushy and tasteless or simply just bad. At one point a long time ago I started refusing meals and requested an IV and vitamins, because the food was making me sick.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Gah!! That sounds awful. Maybe enterprising food trucks should park in front of hospitals to give people some choices. Of course, there might be health concerns, but honestly, if I’m lying up all sick and shit, I would want something tasty.

  • Kimbachan

    Hospital food is terrible. I was in a hospital twice before for a week the first time and two weeks the second. Both times it was like eating leftovers every day, and not good left overs; food that was made once, sat out for a day and then served back to me microwaved. I’m sure that’s not how it was but it tasted that way for many of the meals. Applesauce was the only thing I didn’t hate and the one time they gave me a grilled cheese sandwich.

    I’ll be stopping at college park’s Big Plant Comic’s Saturday!

    And the Avengers movie was AWESOME!!! Saw the midnight show. I feel like such a nerd for going, but it was fun.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    I remember when that place was Liberty Books. I used to go there every Friday to pick up comics and then off to Danny’s to eat dumplings. It was an awesome ritual although, now looking back I realize I did this alone a lot of the time. Man, that sounds depressing.

  • awesomemvs

     I never thought of him as silly. He’s one of those People Who Know Their Shit. He’s at peace anywhere because of the shit he went through in life.

  • rubberbend

    I have a friend who’s not from my town; so he’s residing in the dorm, and he says that the food is awful in dorms as well. And when he was in the hospital (for dengue) he claims that the hospital food tasted BETTER than the dorm food. It’s pretty spectacular how awful food ranks, and that’s not counting yet airplane food.
    I’ve seen the banes of these sort of culinary concoctions. Usually the fish is bland, the beef tough, the soup tasteless, the vegetables overdone and the chicken overcooked. But the worst crime, worse than microwaved plastic-covered food, is overcooked rice. It’s this mushy, gooey blob that might as well crawl off your food tray and eat your fork. Yikes.

  • Kimbachan

    Airplane food: BARF!

  • SmilingAhab

    Hospitals, by and large, excepting Hasidic, Halal and holistic, are serviced by three large industrial food manufacturers – Sysco, ABC and Reinhart. They are also the primary suppliers of prisons, schools and malls.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    That’s creepy and terrifying and back to creepy.

  • Jamie Noguchi


    I think the food at my college was provided by the Marriott so it wasn’t too terrible. Though the safest bet was anything that was fried.

  • SmilingAhab

    Ride to the ER in an AMR wagon: $5-7,000, plus tens of thousands for surgery & recovery. Plus higher infection rates.
    Taxi to the holistic hospital with trauma ward: $50, $400 for cleaning up the back seat, plus a few thousand dollars for surgery and yoga. And the taxi is usually quicker but everything at the holistic center stinks of tea tree oil.