Warning, this post is extremely disturbing.

Vernon Traversie is a Lakota elder and member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota who may be a victim of a vicious hate crime. He spent fourteen days at Rapid City Regional Hospital after suffering a heart attack. Being blind, he could not see what was being done to him, but sometime during his stay, three K shaped wounds were carved into his abdomen. He only discovered this when a nurse urged him to get photos taken of his abdomen as soon as he was released.

Traversie contracted a lawyer who did little beyond contacting the hospital authorities and telling Traversie not to talk about the case. Traversie fired his attorney and posted this video to publicize his case.

Thus far, law enforcement has taken no actions, investigative or otherwise. Change.org is petitioning the South Dakota Attorney General to investigate the incident.

The photo of the wounds makes me physically ill. I’m so terribly sad to know that shit like this still goes on in the new millennium. I don’t think we’ll ever get to the point of a so-called “post-racial” society, but I thought that hate crimes of this nature were things of the past. Granted, we don’t hear of things like this all that often. But even one to me is one too many. My hope is that the more we spread the word about this incident, the more we can motivate South Dakota’s Attorney General to action.

Source: Change.org