The Accidental Plan

You know, there are very few reasons I can think of for putting a lock on a vocal booth. I suppose you could lock up gear in the thing, but it’s got windows. Wouldn’t you want to hide your gear away in a proper closet and not tempt would-be thieves with a giant stupid window that let’s them see your shit?

Would you like to see Super Art Fight for free this weekend? Then drive you ass out to St. Mary’s College in Emmitsburg Maryland for a free show. From noon to 2pm, we’ll be running a tournament among the students of the college to form a team of artists to go up against some Super Art Fight veterans. From 6pm to 9pm, team St. Mary’s will take on Team Super Art Fight in a battle that will rock Maryland to its core. So, if you’re looking for some amazing 4 Michelin star rated barbeque (FUCK YES CHUBBY’S) which is dead close to the college, drive on out to Emmitsburg and see a show!

Finally, I will be posting the 2012 Battle Ship poll sometime later today. I’ll hit up twitter when I get it all set to go. Thanks to everyone who put in a suggestion.

UPDATE: Battle Ship 2012 is on! Vote now!

  • fluffy

    Also why would the vocal booth lock be such that it can lock someone IN?

  • Chris

    Dude — Michelin only awards 3 stars, max. Now go back & give it 110%. ;-)}

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Dude, click on the link. That’s how they describe their BBQ. It’s a funny.

  • Chris

    That also makes it the ONLY Michelin rated BBQ in the country (!), I’m pretty sure. Heh.

  • Daf

    WTH?  No vegetarian on the menu!?  

    With a menu like theirs I’m pretty sure even their coleslaw won’t work… although I’m struggling to figure out how they’d do that.  cabbage, vinegar and meat juice?