Ship Status?

I can’t deny that I’ve wanted to reenact this scene from Star Trek II every time I’ve ever walked into a vocal booth.

Speaking of ships, I think Wednesday I’ll start the Battle Ship 2012 poll so if you’ve got suggestions for the first proper YP poster, drop them in the comments over here.

  • Dan

    All streetlamp errors hereby forgiven. Wrath of Khan is my favoritest Star Trek movie ever, and that scene… ::manly tears::

    “I never took…the Kobayashi Maru test…until now. What do you think of…my solution?”

  • SmilingAhab

    Kane and Tara are a much cuter couple than Kane and Ally. 

  • reynard61

    Well…it had the (dubious) “virtue” of never having been tried…

  • Kittysnape

    God I cried in that scene XD I’m such a Star Trek Geek 

  • Wendy McCanna

    So, have you ever done it? Re-enacted the scene?

  • Charlie Spencer

    Everyone in the US Army has a similar urge. The standard issue gas mask makes a raspy sound when you breath, and every Jedi wannabe insist on saying, “Luke, I’m your father!”. Yeah, it’s not even the right line, but we all do it anyway.