Like I said, I never really got into ska when I started playing guitar. But I was deep into the blues. So while I’ve been writing silly songs about Kamen Rider, I’ve also been dusting off my pentantonic Blues scales and shit. Mostly shit. Unfortunately, this means I will be subjecting you all to more and more recordings.

Here’s a cover of “Red House” by Jimi Hendrix which is one of my absolute favorite jams. Also mucking about with SoundCloud so we’ll see if this html5 embed works.

Oh, I recorded this in Reason 6 which is super fun to play with. I’ve been a Reason user since 2.0 and the latest version has absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted in a home recording studio.

  • noirlapin

    Nice. You’ve got some chops!

  • awesomemvs

    Jimi Hendrix is the best damn everything ever created. My dad and I are crazy about him. It’s cool that you did a riff on Red House.

  • invader tim

    If the rest of your recordings are like that, subject me to whatever the hell you want.  That was awesome.