Think of the Kids!

I don’t understand what’s so wrong with kids looking at boobs. They’re fun to look at. Everyone loves boobs. I also don’t understand why boobs can’t be shown on television but horrid acts of murderous violence are just peachy. Boobs before blood, I always say.

I know I would watch the hell out of burlesque reality show! It’s the new damn millennium! How come we don’t have a burlesque reality show on prime time?!

  • Parlez Librement

    Boobs Before Blood. Haha, that should be put on a shirt!

  • Josh

    I agree that boobs are something I would be less concerned with my kids seeing than violence(though I don’t necessarily believe either will corrupt a well-metered child), but the idea is that they technically aren’t supposed to be exposed to either, on tv. Not that I think the ratings system is flawless, but it was always easier to find boobs than it was action flicks, for me, as a kid.

  • Bernadette Klein

     I would totally buy that shirt!

  • JackTheObserverDee

    This is America. Most people here believe that sex is dirty and violence is a way of life, whether it’s true or not. Protip: It’s not.

  • Hugh

    That’s right, everyones got nipples and sex is people being nice to each other (mostly). I don’t get it either.

  • Addie Judd

    I would watch the hell out of a Burlesque Reality Show.

    Though on a separate note, every year Coney Island has their Mermaid Parade. It’s filled with boobs, trannies, fake penises, more boobs and it’s wonderful. People from all over New York (or in my case Connecticut) come to see it, it was amazing to see so many parents with children there to watch the parade. I’ve only been once but it was just cool to see everyone just be so free and accepting and the fact that parents were willing to bring their children so it wasn’t like nudity and the human body was to be feared but celebrated in an amazing painted extravaganza!

  • awesomemvs

    In Digimon Adventure, a scene where Matt is hitchhiking and a hot blonde in a red tube top and convertible pulls up to get the kids home was removed from the dubbed version. I know this for a fact because it’s in the Spanish and original Japanese versions. In the English dub, after Tai fails to get a hitchhiker, Matt walks up, is shown to get blushy, and sits back down at the restaurant.
    However, a little later, Myotismon the psycho vampire comes out of a foggy park, stops by a woman, and in a somewhat violent scene bites her and leaves her lying there. This was left in the English version, for me to stare at and say “what the hell? sexy out, freaky in?”
    Still, the FCC regulations are there for a reason. I don’t want graphic anything in children’s cartoons, as every kid is different, and some kids may be affected badly by that stuff. I was watching a Courage the Cowardly Dog episode once and the kid I was babysitting during it wanted to change the channel, as she saw the red river monster thing and freaked out; she was already going through some drama in life and didn’t want to deal. Personally, I always loved Courage the Cowardly Dog, but kids get scared or freaked out about things they don’t understand easily.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Oh wow! That sounds amazingly fun!

  • Addie Judd

     30th Anniversary is this year! June 23rd, I’ve only been once but I would love to go again, it was a really fun time!

  • JarrysKid

    I eagerly await the pilot episode of “America’s Next Top Pole-Dancer”. :-)

  • fluffy

    > How come we don’t have a burlesque reality show on prime time?!

    Sounds like a pitch to make to Bravo!

  • Gillsing

    Good point about the “things they don’t understand easily”. Up until now I thought that bloodless violence was considered less of an issue because kids aren’t likely to go out and commit serious acts of violence. But maybe it’s the other way around? Maybe violence is considered less of an issue because most kids do understand and/or practice violence to some degree, so it wouldn’t really do much good to try to hide it from them?

    That line of reasoning doesn’t explain why adolescents aren’t supposed to see any sex though. Is it because of the Christians? Is it because the media can’t be trusted to explain sex to adolescents in a responsible manner? I couldn’t really say.

  • awesomemvs

     THE MEDIA CANNOT BE TRUSTED is the operative sentence.
    In my opinion kids should learn this from someone they trust who is real with them about it. The media (and girls’ magazines that are supposedly for teens but are read by tweens for fashion tips) have a tendency to sell sex or other agendas to young people.
    Also, not all kids are into this. They don’t all want to learn about it early. Some are fine just being kids and being goofy and not worrying about adult issues, some want to “mature faster” or whatever and are always talking about sex. I know I was the former, and would get annoyed with overly sexualized content, and even didn’t like it in novels (I explained to my mom it’s why I didn’t want to read Water for Elephants).
    But they could have left the tube top lady in the convertible in Digimon. It was funny.

  • Frank Bromley

    that kid has some cool parent to get him that shirt imported (unless it’s a knock off)

  • Frank Bromley

     technically we do, Drag started as part of Burlesque

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Kids with Kamen Rider shirts are ten times more likely to fight for great justice!

  • FB

    pannel one IT’S SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE TIME! (i’m having way too much fun playing find the toei easter egg)

  • Jamie Noguchi

    hahah! I’m glad someone appreciates the toku love!