Ah, Kane, too busy playing flying saucer to notice Ally’s horrible pun.

I am extremely bummed that someone is squatting on I would have grabbed that shit up and used it to post designs that the gang creates. I might just end up doing it anyway, maybe come up with some sort of licensing deal if anyone is crazy enough to want to make any crazy shit I come up with. Who knows.

  • Kingzephiel

    Haro pasties must come to pass.

  • Patrick Casao, III


  • Virginia Hull

    If you do a sexories kickstarter, I’m fucking IN. Seriously. 

  • Keiranhalcyon31

    Err, if you’re going to make a portmanteau on “sex” and “accessories”, I believe the result would be “accsexories” (give or take a ‘c’).

  • Barb

    Just remember a few simple rules — they shouldn’t snag on the clothing, be too heavy, or cause costume deformities. A small-scale Yamato pastie would be cool, but hard to costume around.  :D

  • Dave

    Holographic Yamato pastie FTW. 

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Tacobar, Tacobar, Ta Co Bar! For the longest time, I thought the belt was hungry.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    It would give new meaning to Wave Motion!!!

  • awesomemvs

     yeah. I’m not checking if that domain is free, though.

  • Wes


  • Kyle Wright

    I have no need for nipple pasties but I know several ladies who would be your biggest customers.

  • Omar Streete

    post them at

  • iBear

    I don’t normally comment on webcomics, but I just had to react to your post: after checking through several sites, the domain came up as free. I’d love to see your designs myself, so why not try and get it?
    Cheers from the other side of the ocean ^_^

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Oh man! Thank you for reminding me. When I initially looked, it was taken, but now that it’s free, IT’S ALL MINE!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  • Antonio Todoroki Hymes

    OOO pasties? my god… that’s brilliant! count the medals, boys.

  • iBear

    I see you’ve taken it already; quick move :)
    Enjoy it, and let us enjoy with you!
    And if you see Danielle (Corsetto) sometime soon, thank her – I found my way to you through your guest comic recently ;)