The Business Of Business

I guess if I were to choose a different career path, I’d go into product design or something along those lines. I really like working in three dimensions. I’ve had a lot of fun sculpting things and customizing toys. Puppy Cow was a tremendous experience for me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to develop similar things in the future. But I’d also like to do lame stuff like design a chair or a table setting or a watch or shit like that, things people use every day.

  • Barb

    Heh.   If they’re designing the products you mentioned in a previous strip, I’m thinking the guys are going to enjoy the research.  :)

  • punman

    I would totally buy a Noguchi watch.

  • Aenya Hiri Silverleaf

    Jamie, in that second panel, did you mean “pursue” or “peruse”? I am confused. No such word as “persue” (grammar nazi strikes again!) :< Sorry T_T

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Goddamn spelling! That’s what I get for using the internet to check my spelling. I’ll try to remember to fix that shit when I get home.

  • Sam W

    Chairs are awesome.  I use them every day!

  • awesomemvs

     this strip should have been called “business and bubble tea”

  • Siebass

    Daruma Bean bag chairs

  • Chameon

    Realizing Steve fired you to mess with you in a particularly unpolite way:  Traumatizing.

    Realizing Steve was so incompetent as to give you quite a significant amount in free money with relatively few stipulations?:  Priceless.