The Lumberjack Films crew came up with a way to finally put an end to the live action Akira film.

You know, there’s part of me that’s cynical enough to believe Warner Bros would release something this shitty despite poor testing.

Thanks to AZM Ally Solkana for the tip.

  • craze0matic

    I’ve seen the original Akira film, but haven’t read the graphic novels. That said, is it bad that I thoroughly enjoyed this little bit of mockery?

  • kelsey

    I fucking love it XD

  • awesomemvs

    Does anyone remember Sheep In the Big City? I loved that cartoon. Anyway, all of these Akira spoofs/live action remake ideas seem like the sketches slipped into that show, especially that one that looked like a perfume commercial (I remember Sheep being a model in a really “artistic” shampoo commercial that did an amazing job of making fun of “artistic” shampoo commercials)