In The Eye Hole

I used to think that raw ramen was not a thing to eat. And then I went to Katsuchans. There was a bowl of weird Japanese snacks in the green room and one of them had a drawing of some kid eating ramen. So of course, I grabbed that one. Tore open the package and sure enough, it was raw ramen with some kind of flavor powder. I ate it. It was surprisingly tasty! Of course, it was three in the morning. I suspect that cardboard with Sriracha would have hit the spot.

In other news, my book is now at ZaPow in Asheville, NC. These guys are great! ZaPow is an independent art gallery that showcases pop art and illustration. They’ve been huge fans of Puppy Cow which is so freaking cool. When they heard I also had a book, they got in touch right away. I’m gonna have to take a weekend sometime and just drive down and say hey. Lauren and Matt are totally rad!

So, if you’re in the Asheville and want to check out some freaking awesome artwork and get your hands on my book, head on down to ZaPow!

  • Vortigar

    What a way to start the day…

    You just had to illustrate that one didn’t ya? (both literally and figuratively)

    The difference between Steve and Lumberg is evident in their enjoyment.

  • Virginia Hull

    Gotta say, it looks more like a reluctant beej – not skull fucking through the eye socket. Requesting the least x-rated redraw of the actual scenario LOL

  • Garfunkel

    When I was in elementary school, eating raw ramen was all the rage!

  • Hamstadini

    Now that’s what I call getting a-head!

    *Is tarred and feathered*

  • awesomemvs

    Yeah this one was unexpectedly graphic.

  • nerdycanuck

    I feel so bad for Kane. ;_;

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