Spent a lot of time last week talking about tattoos without actually showing mine. So here it is!

Thanks to Darl Gnau for inking me:

And you can find me this weekend at Katsucon 18 along with:
Dern – http://hellowithcheese.com
Mikey – http://spaghettikiss.com/
Ross – http://systemcomic.com

  • kelsey

    Tattoo looks awesome! I can’t wait for Katsucon shenanigans. 

  • Songwind

    “Frog” became the slang for French in the 19th century during the Napoleonic wars because they eat frogs’ legs.

    Before that the English called the Dutch frogs because they lived in mashes, stereotypically.

  • Mark W.

    Awesome tattoo, congrats!

    Is there a way that fans (like me) who can’t make it to Katsucon can get one of those spiffy cards?