Best Cooking Show Ever

Seriously, best cooking show ever! If I had the budget and the crew, I would film Fighting Cooking and turn that shit into an awesome web series.

Macworld A Go Go

It is likely that I am loosing all my shit right about now as you read this. Today is the day we take Macworld by storm, and though I can jump around like a lunatic in front of thousands of anime con goers or an indy rock club, this is a slightly different beast. We a long way from our comfort zone and it’s the first time we’ve done digital art fight. I’m sure it’ll be like riding a bike once we actually start, but I’m all nervous and excited and right back around to nervous again.

We’ve brought along our expert photographer, Erin, to document the madness so there will be photos and video. And they are streaming the event. We’re on at 2pm PST which is 5pm EST. I’m embedding the stream here so click away.

Live video for mobile from Ustream