The View From Below

Sometimes, you need a bad joke to break your crushing defeat.

Some managers have the amazing ability to make you feel guilty about a job you absolutely despise. No person should have that kind of power over another. Sadly, the only defense is to quit. And even then, some managers can make you feel guilty about leaving. It is a strange, twisted, evil power.

  • MacDiver

    Sounds like they need to give insubordination a try.  Be insulting in their reports.  Show up to the daily meetings late and put on headphones if needed.  Straight up yell at him for his bad ideas and accuse the company of being racist for having no managers with a skin tone darker than ivory.  If he wants to make them quit, make it harder for him to work there as well.  And if they send somebody over to watch over their behavior, act innocent and angel-like but leave traps for him to make himself look bad.

  • Aenya Hiri Silverleaf

    This is where I would recommend a healthy dosage of the “Office Space” movie. Also, psssst, “below” has just one L in it D: A bellow is a yell……. unless that was intentional XD?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    ha!  I can spell gude.  poop.

  • Anonymous


  • TheMind

    You solve this problem by being a cynical uncaring asshole at work. You resolve to not care about anything at all! And then as long as you don’t care about anything they can’t make you feel guilty about it!

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Like a daily affirmation.  “I don’t give a shit I don’t give a shit I don’t give a shit I don’t give a shit…”

  • Anonymous

    ” It is a strange, twisted, evil power.”

    I think that HR people actually hire them for that. It’s certainly not typically for any frakkin’ expertise or competence in whatever the hell the company is supposed to be doing. But apparently the managerial class is grown from different DNA vats than the rest of us that actually produce, create or otherwise work for a gorram living.

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