Sneaking up on your significant other isn’t always as romantic as it seems.

In completely other news, this Saturday, November 19, marks our very last Super Art Fight for 2011. It promises to be an absolute slobber knocker! Our musical headliner is the one and only Adam WarRock. You may remember him from such mad rhymes as the Ira Glass:

and the Johnny Wander theme song:

You guys, this is going to be our absolute best show EVER! Tickets are on sale now!

UPDATE: Oh hey! My guest strip over at Dueling Analogs went live today! It’s a horrible social commentary on the Pokemons. Check it out!

  • HenningNT

    People have been shot doing that…

  • Shrike

    Ha! Elbow to the jaw…I get it…

  • anon

    It isn’t rape if you yell “URPRISE!!!!” first!

  • Firework The Comic

    I love how Ally’s personal life is depicted as an action movie or a Max Payne style dramatic video game. Jamie, you’re pretty cool at dramatic shading/chiaroscuro, especially in that last panel.