A little rant about a Kamen Rider tribute art show that I should be in, a follow up to the Improving Digital Comic sales video, and my thoughts on comics and age.

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  • Kyle

    So I’m just gonna say this, and it will seem off topic, but I promise it will veer back on. I love Theatre. I’m a Theatre major. I think my favorite definition of Theatre is “A good story, told well, to an audience” which is broad and all-encompassing, but I like it. It means that anything can be Theatre, which in a way is true, comics are paper Theatre. You have lighting, characters, sets, blocking, everything you have in Theatre you have in 2D form saved for eternity, or until it corrodes or the digital file is deleted, on paper…or your monitor. There is no prerequisite to who is telling it or how. Just a story, some form of expressing it, and someone to absorb it. So go out and make awesome, people. Do it like Nike!

  • http://firework.the-comic.org/ Firework the Comic

    Kyle, you hit it. Comics are just like theatre. I love theatre so much. I always stand up to clap after performances that give me goosebumps. It’s funny because I can’t stand most movies. Scripting a comic feels like putting actors together for a play. Even when I was writing a play for actors and later watching it performed, it felt much the same way. You can really tell so much in a comic, but the reader can bring her own experiences to it too.

    And thanks for the encouraging videos, Jamie!

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