The Secret Position

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A furry, a bear, and a gimp walk into a bar and– oh, you’ve heard that one before.

  • Firework the Comic

    Maybe you omitted it on purpose, but Tara’s hairdo thing is missing in the last panel.

    Also, this idea scares me. That Ally’s facial expression is out of the frame makes it twice as suspenseful…

  • Pas

    I’m not sure whether I think Tara is brilliant for coming up with this idea so fast or creepy for the same reason.

  • Michael Michael Motorcycle

    I’m gonna be honest right now.

    I’d totally watch porn like that. I don’t care how much it costs.*

    *Actually, I do care how much it costs. Fast food is not a profession where money flows out my pockets.

  • Michael Michael Motorcycle

    Also, cut to Wednesday where Allie is staring battle-axes at Kane for bringing Tara along :P

  • Jamie

    ah poop! I forgot her hair! I’ll fix that when I get home.

  • Wayne

    For some reason Menage-a-3′s opening where you have the line “turns out your drawing table can’t support two men doing Reverse Cow Girl” just popped in to my tiny little head.

    Jamie: check out today’s XKCD, I think you’ll like it.

  • JarrysKid

    Heard it? Hell, Ive done it! :-)

  • Aenya

    Okay that idea alone is brilliant, and sexy, and…. I don’t think Ally’s gonna like her much XD

  • Step

    OHHHH THAT’S WHAT SHE MEANT. That’s pretty funny. :P

  • Evan B

    Psst, hey Jamie. It’s “whose” sexy reigns supreme, not “who’s”. :D

  • Jamie

    Ah, right. Fixed that.

  • Ido013

    I didn’t even think about that kind of Iron pornstar XD Jamie you’re brilliant~

  • FB

    whats funny is i’ve seen WAY weirder porn…from japan