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There is a great deal of sexy at the climbing gym. But honestly, after the first few sessions, you tend to ignore the sexy and instead gawk at the mad skills. Lance hasn’t climbed nearly enough to get to the skills gawking stage.

I will have a proper review of Webcomics Con sometime later this week. I am sure it was rad.

In other news, I’m starting a new day job today. I’m really excited although, I still have to take the metro in every day. So expect to still see many hate filled tweets about how Metro closes doors.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    You can’t beat balling. Although, there’s a different sport for everyone. Hockey, biking, balling, running, long jump, handball, soccer, parkour. You can love many sports, and change them depending on the season. It’s a great privilege to be able to enjoy any sport you want in modern times, as long as you pony up some cash for some gear and a space to do it in. Thrills, beauty, grace, competition. Sports and gyms are a great way to make friends and get over anxiety and depression.
    Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do a sport. I really regret listening to people in the past who told me I couldn’t do something because of my gender. They were stupid, and mistaken too. Sports can only bring benefits to your life, even if they pose some risk and danger. So does texting in your car, but you do that because you’re used to it. Sports seem more dangerous because they often entail contact, trying something new, and the ever-popular fear of failure.
    Like Bodie, I couldn’t just work out at the gym. It would have to be in addition to something like this. Sports aren’t about ornamental muscles (although you drew them great in this comic Jamie!) to me, they’re about skill and pushing yourself and discipline and fun.

  • Jordan


    No doubt. The trick is to try things until you find a few different things you enjoy. I was pathetic for most of my childhood. Tried the usual baseball, soccer and the like. Hated them. Climbing was a completely revelation, as was cycling a few years later. If you can find an activity that you’ll do because you enjoy it, not because you think you should be doing it, keeping it up is much, much easier.

  • Michael Michael Motorcycle

    Congrats on the day job dude! What kind of work is it?

  • Katie B

    In my short time climbing at ET Rockville, I def looked a lot like Kane in this strip.

    Ah, memories.

  • cannibal_Hect0r

    So true about attention to the sexy being dwarfed by observance of technique. Climbing technique is like saltpeter combined with a car accident, you can’t help but watch. It isn’t until after you’re done watching that you realize….”mother bitch… that girl was HOT. I hope she hops on another route so’s I can watch her butt meats!” But sadly the cycle repeats and you get stuck watching the technique again.

  • Jamie

    Oh, I forgot to say. I’m going to be doing web design and development for the National Security Archive which is a non-profit that sends Freedom of Information Act request to government agencies for documents relating to matters of national security. Their current site is and I hope to kick it up a few notches.

  • Roy Ronalds

    Hiiiilarious dialog.

  • wyrd_lyte

    “Turgidity.” There’s a word I’ve never seen before. And apparently, Firefox has. Weird.