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Like weddings, funerals sometimes bring out the "best" in us. I think we all have awkward stories about relatives or friends getting way too drunk at one of these events. Everybody grieves in their own way. And apparently, some of us grieve by acting a fool!

↓ Transcript


Pork and punches!



Kathy’s lawyer talks with the family.

ANNIE (Caption)

Because Aunt Kathy didn’t leave a good and proper will, the state assigned Kathy’s lawyer to figure out how to distribute her wealth. Apparently she had a lawyer.



Family members yelling at each others with ribs and drinks.

ANNIE (Caption)

Well, the lawyer passed the buck onto the family to figure it out. So here we have this big ol’ backyard barbecue with a bunch of people who can’t stand each other when they’re sober, let alone stone cold drunk, arguing over who should get what share of Kathy’s money.



Family members turning their backs on each other.

ANNIE (Caption)

It was a shit show. Lot of nasty things that couldn’t be unsaid came out. In the end, the lawyer decided that Kathy would want the money to go to good use so he donated it to her favorite charity. Everyone blamed everyone else. Parts of the family still don’t talk to each other.



Closeup of a highly decorated Colt Single Action Army pistol.

ANNIE (Caption)

About a week later, I got a package from Aunt Kathy. It was her Colt Single Action Army. It was the only thing that she left to anyone. I wear it in my act sometimes. And sad to say, I’ve scared off a few drunk assholes with it.

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