Just Your Type

Not gonna lie, the climbing gym is especially good for watching athletic asses.

If you missed the announcement yesterday, Back to the Grind: A Yellow Peril Collection is on sale now! If you haven’t been able to make it out to one of the recent shows, you can purchase your very own copy. Every edition comes with the DIGIDITION that includes a new section about the cover painting process.

Buy one or two or a bunch and share with your friends!

  • http://cocktailchem.blogspot.com Jordan

    It’s true. Cycling is pretty good on that count as well. Heck, if you’re in a pace line there isn’t much else to do.

    And really, who wouldn’t like that combo?

    Something says she’s right. If they’re unavailable that means he never has to work up the courage to actually ask them out. Hopefully this will force him out of that cycle.

  • CharmCityShinobi

    Ah, Kane, I know the feeling all too well.

    I love the double take he’s doing in the second panel.

  • http://awesomemvs.tumblr.com/ Awesome Music Vids

    Nice first and third panels! Can’t wait to see them get fired though.

  • http://www.the-qlc.com Michael Michael Motorcycle

    If I buy your book, will that guarantee you will come out with Daruma plushies at some point? :)

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @Michael, there are actually secret plans in the works to make some Daruma plushies. I may have more information later in the year, but it’s something that I’m pondering and kicking around and pondering some more.

  • Aenya

    As long as there’s the various versions of darumas, I’m game.

  • tsarstepan

    Fit … smart … and geeky? There’s no coincidence that the best women just happen to be always unavailable when I myself enter the equation and that’s regardless on whether that one has or doesn’t have a significant other. ((sobsighsob))