Some thoughts on comics in general and the broad spectrum of genres that Small Press Expo and webcomics encourage.

Oh, and if you missed it, I did a horribly painful live stream last night. I needed some lineart for a workshop I’m giving next weekend. Might try to schedule more of these, probably Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but we’ll see. I’ll announce on the twitters when it’s stream time.

  • KaitouKyle

    Two things. 1. “Smash!” Badminton manga for the win. I realize it’s probably really odd for a 6’3″ 270 lbs dude to love to play Badminton as much as I do, but there’s nothing like it to me.

    2. I will check out your live stream, which isn’t so live now. Last night from orange county down in to mexico and from the coast over to parts of New Mexico we were all without power because some idiot that worked for the power company pulled a Homer Simpson. That’s right 1.4 million homes without power for 12 hours, some longer. Fun stuff.