Mini comics are just freaking awesome. Here’s some ideas on how to make them and why they are so rad.

And this is the link to the Death Star Art Show tumblr. If you’re in the area, you should totally check us out!

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    Uh-oh–my book is 48 pages including the cover. If anyone’s Greymon-sized stapler is missing, I borrowed it.

    Also, I was at a food expo today and at the back right corner was where most the *ahem* alcoholic refreshment seemed to be situated, one stand after another, with comfortable lounges and daiquiri machines churning. I’m not into this stuff, but the university kids just headed down there like zombies and didn’t leave. There was a wine tasting going on there too. I’m assuming cons don’t let you bring alcohol due to the underage population, so I guess making the back corner area unique in some way or classier or just attention-grabbing, like using bright red signage, bribing attractive cosplayers with *ahem* smuggled alcoholic refreshments to hang out/dance there, or hosting impromptu games or activities will get people’s attention (something stupid like a beanbag fight)? Hey, but you’re there with Yuko and Ananth right I’m pretty sure people will be stampeding toward that table.