Plenty Of Time

Even though apartment doors are like cardboard and hardly keep any sound out, I think Ally’s too busy talking to herself in the bathroom mirror to hear anything the boys are talking about.

  • Henry

    I LOL’ed at that last panel!

  • KaitouKyle

    HAHAHA I’ve made both the faces in the last panel before!

  • Jenova

    Why are expressions so much your forte? ^^
    I especialy like that the last panel is wordless, makes it so much better.

  • mofo

    What Jenova said. ^^
    I love when friends bet on friends. Can be pretty fun, we do it sometimes too. :)

    Also, I will now shamelessly promote a Threadless design of mine up for voting. I hope y’all don’t mind. Have a look and give me a vote if you like. Thanks! ^^

  • sebtoure

    Sorry to be the party pooper again… something in the last panel’s expression don’t play right for their character, in this situation. :-/
    I think I’d have made Lance grin in a more mischievous, revengeful, ‘i-told-you-so’ way, and Bodie in a more angry yet resignated stance. Or even have Lance active instead of passive, pulling back that banknote from Bodie’s hand.
    I’m just sayin’! :-P

  • Julio Jasso

    I love seeing this story unfold, it’s really fascinating!

  • M


    nah man Lance is waaay cooler than that, why be agrabbin when a man’s as clearly beat/astounded as Bodie?

    oh and

    Go Kay-un, go Kay-un, go Kay-un !!!

  • Awesome Music Vids

    is this the first time everybody is wearing shirts without logos? Styyyyyle. Graphic tees are not cool all the time. Plain white T’s, however, are.

  • keysmash


    I think the point of Bodie’s expression is expressing some embarrassment from the ‘then you guys came in’ part of the strip, oops.

  • jrage

    So there was a cockblock clause in their bet. Way to think ahead. The guys I know would’ve argued the point to death.

  • Jordan

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out. You can’t be accused of writing a comic where the romantic tension never gets resolved.