The Bathplace

What goes on in the bathplace stays in the bathplace.

In other news, I will be attending Baltimore Comic Con later this month. If I get my shit together, I should have a proper table display by then. And I’ll have advanced copies of my book to sell. I am technically debuting at SPX in September, but I’ve got a shit ton of books. I’ll be putting them up online after SPX.

When the show closes on Saturday, I’ll be heading over to the Ottobar for Super Art Fight 11 featuring Anamanaguchi! So if you’re in Baltimore at all and you want to get your hands on the book or just say hey, come on by!

  • Jordan

    Romance: you may have no clue what’s going on or what you really want, but damn if it isn’t an amazing ride

    Way to show that violent swing of emotions.

  • Mikey D

    What in the hell is an Anamanaguchi?

  • Mikey D

    Never mind… Google is mah friend!

  • memori03

    Is it just me or did her hair grow several inches when she washed her hair o.O Im going to start calling the bathroom the Bathplace for a while lols

  • mofo

    Damn, she has manly ass.

  • M

    last panel :)

  • sebtoure

    Jamie I’m sorry to say that, but… your black ceiling in panels 2 & 3 looks like crap! :-O
    That was already the case 5 or 6 strips ago when Lance and Bodie leave the flat. Unless the ceiling is *meant* to look like a menacing, storm-of-doom cloud oppressing the characters? Not everything works well with the brush, and I think this is not befitting your otherwise talented artwork. :-/
    I’m just sayin’!

  • Jamie

    @sebtoure, thanks for pointing it out. My dry brushing obviously needs a lot of work. Or not work. Although in this case I could lie and say it’s meant to be a foreshadowing of horrible doom, but really it’s me trying something that clearly isn’t working.

  • mushimatosis

    it isn’t working for the style you’re using here but I wouldn’t say it looks like crap, it’s a nice texture, kind of reminds me of jhonny wander

  • Dave

    +1 for excellent Mona Lisa smile.

  • Disposablepal

    awesome, i should be at both BCC and Super Art Fight, but if i cant make BCC i will 100% be at Super Art Fight. i missed the last one because i had to work :(

  • Awesome Music Vids

    I’m going to add to what Sebtoure said and say that when Julie and Bodie are walking to the awesome foodplace and when Lance and Kane are rolling into the club, the night sky and city background are similarly uninspired and scratchy. There isn’t a lot of space for a background since it IS a gag comic, but if you strengthened the backgrounds in general, it would add a lot (your establishing shots are pretty cool in how they feature your city, adding DC flavor to the bgs would make it even better)

  • Aenya

    Damn indeed. T_T

  • Jamie

    Thanks for the BG advice, guys. It’s good to hear what’s working and what really isn’t. I will strive to improve on this!

  • Plastefuchs

    I realy like that touch of ‘realistic’ look in the last panel, well done. :)