No Turning Back

They probably should have thought this through a little bit further.

In other news, we are testing out a new avatar system here at YP. When you login to leave a comment, you should see an extra button asking if you want to sign in using LilOmi. This is a new facebook app that lets you create your own little avatar that can be used on any site that’s linked up with LilOmi. I’m super excited that we got to be included in this beta test. There are some awesome customizations that are coming down the pipeline that will blow your mind when they’re announced. As it is, there are quite a few options for your characters. So please check it out and create your own little omi. Big thank you to my friend, Long Vo, one of the founders of GaiaOnline, Udon Entertainment artist, and one of the founders of LilOmi. Damn, Vo, when do you sleep?

In other other news, would you like to see me swing LED nunchaku? Sure you would! This Friday is preview night at the Capital Fringe Fest and the Illuminate Martial Arts crew will be live and in full effect. We take the stage at 8:15pm, but I’ll be hanging around the entire night. The event is free for all ages. Bar opens at 5:30pm. I suggest getting the half smokes if you’re a meat eater. So come on down and check out some crazy ass martial arts, nunchaku, brick breaking rave action!

  • KaitouKyle

    So I’m testing this thing out…we’ll see how it goes. Your comment about Illuminate Martial Arts actually made me wonder. Are you all gonna tour the Fringes like Headscarf? Because that would be awesome! I would bring people in support.

  • Jamie

    @Kyle, We’ll have to see how this run goes. Zehra is fucking badass and sold out her entire run when she debuted her show. So we’ll see.

  • Weshtery

    Excellent! And Ally can do better than work in that shitheap. :¬)

  • The Observer

    As is usually the case when someone comes to their senses, it’s too late to change what’s been done. This is going to hurt. I really feel sorry for them. And the worst part is, I’ve been saying that since the word go. Well… I guess we’ll find out what happens when it does.

    This sucks…

  • The Observer

    Forgive the double-post. I don’t mean to say that the comic sucks, far from it. I mean that the situation sucks. Hell, it’s a testament to you as a writer that I feel for these characters as strongly as I do.

  • Ashiyama

    The three were gonna quit and start their own company anyway, right?

  • Jamie

    @The Observer, no offense taken. It made sense in the context of your post. :)

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  • JarrysKid

    Love the story, the strip, and the “Animal House” ref. :D

  • Jamie

    @JarrysKid, haha! That was a fun alt text to write!

  • KaitouKyle

    Yes, well Jamie after going to her show I can definitely see why Zehra sold out. I was disappointed that she didn’t sell more at LA, but it’s LA. They’re clique-y and take a while to try new stuff and admit they like it without someone high on the totem pole (in mass that’s big names, in small groups it’s someone popular) to promote it first. There’s a reason I stay in SD and avoid LA every chance I get.

    Wow this is already long. Long story short, you are awesome and Illuminate sounds awesome. I can’t see why it wouldn’t do well.