Here’s a look at the various stages of getting the comic from pencils to inks. I can’t really show off my drawing with one hand, but this is close. Kinda.

  • Ambroise

    Great vid :)

  • Drezz

    Why don’t you pick up a Gorilla Pod and set your camera up that way?

  • Jamie

    @Drezz, OH! That’s a good idea. I’ll look into that shit.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    I always see the comic art types talking about how they ink with a brush and I think that’s so pro. I just don’t have the fingertips for a brush. It’s a whole different experience if you’ve only ever used dry media for anything at all. I failed at steel pen nibs that were recommended by Tom Alvarez in his book Drawing Superhero Comics, and after that, I don’t even try with brushes. I’m the lamer doing that scanning in the pencils, leveling it with photoshop (which I hate doing), and using that as my solid blacks thing that you mention in this video–it’s awful.
    Time to learn digital inking…