Should Have

I should have probably warned everyone that this week is going to be a little light on humor. I always kind of groaned whenever a sitcom went serious seemingly out of nowhere and now I’ve broken that groan worthy trope. Hopefully, it’s not too far out of left field. One more awkward strip for Friday and then, I promise, back to the ha ha.

  • Henry

    This isn’t a gag strip. You have real plot lines. As a result, you can’t be funny all the time. I think you’re doing it the right way. You’re exploring your characters. Besides, you might be able to exploit these revelations for humor later.

  • A Fanboy

    Also, after being that angry like Kane was the strip before, getting calmer often means getting thoughtful and therefore drifting back into old memories which didn’t pop up for a long, long time. Happens to most of the people who would be in such a situation. At least it happens to me regularly.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    I agree.

  • geri_chan

    Just wanted to say that I think it’s fine to have some serious strips. I agree with Henry’s comment that this isn’t just a gag strip, it’s a story, so there are bound to be some serious moments. I love that we’re learning more about Kane and Lance, and I look forward to seeing how Kane will handle the situation at Pedanticorp.

    Oh, and I really love the third panel–it’s a really striking image with all the fingers pointing at Lance.

  • Fren

    Well, ol’ Lance gets his revenge. He’s successful and comfortable with himself, which is probably far, far superior to how most of his detractors turned out. I never really got the whole “homophobia” bit, myself. Besides, Kane shouldn’t be too hard on himself. He must weigh about 120 pounds soaking wet.

  • Brian

    It’s odd, and I know my experience is going to be very different from that of others, but despite my many years of being bullied, I’ve never been physically bullied by the beefy jocks. Growing up a poor nerdy kid from the inner city I was picked on quite a bit. The jocks were more verbally abusive with the name calling and such, but I was only ever physically pushed around by scrawny ghetto thugs and some chubby Alterna/Goth/Punks.

    But again, my position was that of a poor dorky white kid in schools that were 70%-75% black. I was sort of the minority there, and if I’m honest I didn’t even have it the worst. There were nerdier white kids that had it rough, and possibly THE MOST MINORITY PERSON EVER (half black, half hispanic, bisexual who converted to orthodox judaism) probably had it the worst of us all.

    If I think about it I can see myself in Kane’s shoes right here. There were things I could have done, but didn’t. In the end though, as with Lance, this guy sort of rose above it and acquired no small bit of fame. He actually happens to be one of the biggest Jewish hip-hop stars around. Tours the world and stuff and has been on Conan O’brien. So, yeah. Parallels.

  • Anton

    @ Henry: Yessss, tears of misery, I want them, harvest them, to build up a festering brew of hatred, on which I can feed in the wee hours of the morning.

  • knuck

    I agree with Henry; this isn’t a gag strip. I’m genuinely interested to know what’s Kane is going to reveal about his past or how he’s going to deal with the situation. I bet he’s going to quit his job after standing up to steve

  • hswoolve

    Well, if you want to advance the story, you can’t always do a gag-a-day, it’s not against the rules, and it says a great deal about Lance and Kane.

  • Gilder

    Wow, and here i was going to make a comment that Kane has ALOT of anger issues, what with him going off the handle so much and here today we see the basis for the last outburst and he comes out a totally normal human being. Well done!

  • I Dunno What I’m Doing Here