The Perfect Solution

And thus, Kane reveals the dangers of being too smart in an office setting. If your ideas are good, they will be stolen.

In other news, I made weird looking thing called Puss Puss.

I am pondering making Puss Puss keychains/necklaces/ear rings with the design. It would probably be one thing that you could use as those other things, like a small 1.5″ charm or something like that. Is this something any of you would be interested in?

  • sebtoure

    It took me several too many seconds to get the reference to pussy & octopus… because at first all I could see was “pus”! :-O
    And pus by itself (the oozing, yellowish matter) is a bit of a turn-off… just thought I should mention it could make your design less marketable. ;-)

  • Jamie

    Ah crap, I guess it should be Puss Puss. I keep mixing those up.

  • Brian

    Most adorable eldritch horror ever.

  • Kaji

    Now if you could squeeze the bulbous end to make the eyes light up for a creepy little flashlight.

  • Scott

    D’awww…he just wants to latch on to your face and cuddle! Yuko Ota at Johnny Wander has a version she calls Catopus, but it’s in reverse – I prefer the kitty nested in the tentacles like you’ve drawn. The paws make it.

    I don’t know about a charm or necklace, but a patch or sticker version would be great. Or maybe a Puss Puss…plushy? Also, I want to see an animated version for maximum cute/horror.

  • Nik

    Aw, a freakishly malformed friend for Puppycow?
    If you made this, I would happily adorn my girlfriend’s ears with said abomination.

  • Jamie

    Yuko’s Catapus is totally cute! I saw it after I thought up the Puss Puss, but I’m pretty sure they had the Catmera ideas before this thing. I hope no one thinks I stoled it though! It was a terrible coincidence.

    I think a plush might be a little difficult at this point until I get more of the Puppy Cows out the door. They sell well at shows, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do the whole online shop thing. So Puss Puss will probably start out in a smaller form. But if Puppy Cow does well, I think there could be a Puss Puss plush or something.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    I wanted to buy a puppy cow because the price is super reasonable for such a cute thing and it would make a great gift. Sometime in the future when things are less tight, though.

  • Persia

    I am TERRIFIED of octopods, but the cat makes it lovable! I don’t know what to feel!!

  • Aenya

    I couldn’t help but think it looks like a flower O_O Which is both disturbing and cute and… Augh. I don’t even know! My mind! It is blown! -kablamm-

  • Ido

    It’ s so cute I wanna hug it!

  • Golux

    And then there’s the poison pill. Put out a good idea and a plan that has a fatal flaw in the framework. Let them steal it, if they’re intelligent, no worries. Otherwise let it explode and come pick up the pieces.

  • wyrd_lyte

    I’m trying to figure out how to make a witty combination of “takoyaki” and “cat” but it isn’t working out. And at any rate, it likely would have been rather tasteless. Oh well, puns aren’t funny anyway. ~Sigh~