The Around The Block Gambit

If there’s one flaw in Kane’s plan it’s that he cannot bench press a cement truck.

Now I don’t know if there’s an official name for this technique, but “Around the Block Gambit” works well for me. Now you might think that such a technique would be difficult to attempt in our digital age. But if there’s one universal truth, it’s that clients have short memories. Sometimes this means you can trick them. Sometimes this means nothing you do will ever please them. So please, consider your options very carefully before you attempt the gambit.

  • Drezz

    Nine times out of ten, the gambit will fail. Trust me. :)

    I prefer the yin-yang approach. Create your concept (most of the time it will fall in a range of colours that are dark or light) then make a copy of that concept with the opposite set of values of the first.

    Clients who actually allow designers to design are few and far between. It’s very hard to wrest the controlling nature of suits. Because that need to control is what got them their job in the first place.

  • Drezz

    That should have said ‘wrestle with’… durr

  • buzz

    Dude, is that Bieste? Wait … how do I know that? I don’t watch that show! Arghh…

  • Jamie

    @buzz, HA! You fell for my trap! Indeedy, she is based on the Bieste!!!!

  • Aenya

    Oh man I was about to say she looks like Bieste……….. I… don’t know where to put my face. (Then again Bieste ROCKS.)
    Also : in response to Drezz – Nine times out of ten, this gambit worked for me back when I used to do web-design. (If it didn’t work I furiously apologized for uploading the wrong file and it was done and over with.) Even when used in a live conference call where the changes were supposed to be applied at the same moment – the gambit worked. The client basically asked for insignificant changes of “put a space here, put it one line lower, change the border width by 1 pixel”. I waited for a few minutes while typing (with him hearing me type), he supposedly thought I was putting in the stuff he wanted me to do, while I was simply chatting to a friend. I asked him to refresh the page without changing a single line of code and heard a “Yes! That’s perfect, thank you!”. No work done, client paid for “site support”, client’s happy, I’m happy, everyone’s happy.
    That’s why I’m hoping the gambit works out for Kane XD …

  • Jamie

    @Aenya, Ah! Those 1 pixel changes, like anyone would notice that shit. I love the fact that they thought your were fixing code while you were typing. WINNING!!

  • wyrd_lyte

    Kane’s gambits have yet to work out very well over the course of my reading so far.