Ever since I switched to inking with a proper brush, I’ve become some kind of brush/ink fiend. I scour the internet looking up brush inking techniques, ink reviews, brush reviews, paper reviews. It’s kind of an obsessions. So when I came across Anton Emdin’s brush inking tutorial, I drooled all over myself.

I’ve pulled out the two YouTube videos from the tutorial where Anton demonstrates his technique, but you really should check out the entire tutorial to learn more about the inks and brushes that he uses and some other awesome bits that don’t come through in the video.

So for all you inky brushy heads, this is for you! For everyone else, you should totally just get a brush and start making a mess. That’s how this comic gets done!

Source: Anton Emdin

  • kelsey

    That’s awesome! He and I hold our brushes the exact same way! (thought I can’t do what he’s doing there D:)