Grandmaster Chu is back with a new mix tape, Yunk Monk, featuring tracks recorded from 2006-2010 in Beijing, China; Yale University, Connecticut; and Newark, Delaware. What I like about Grandmaster’s stuff is that it’s conscious rap. Not a whole lot of self aggrandizing, not a lot of boozing up with loose women unlike some other Asian Hip Hop group. I mean, there’s certainly a place for the kinds of lyrics that Far East Movement slings and I definitely think they deserve the air play they’re getting, but sometimes you want to hear something with a little more thought behind it. That’s why I’m digging Yung Monk.

Two jams popped out for me. In “Red Iced Tea,” Grandmaster calls out the whole poppin’ bottles in the club scene by offering up a more enlightened alternative to sizzurp. On “Battle Hymn of the Tiger,” Grandmaster and the Model Minority crew give shout outs to their Tiger Moms and Lion Dads. It’s a pretty interesting view on the whole Amy Chua, Tiger Mom controversy.

You can download Yunk Monk, The Mixtape over at the bandcamp site.

Source: Yunk Monk, The Mixtape

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    I’m getting this. Sounds like I’ll like it a lot.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    Battle Hymm of the Tiger Sons has the beat and rhythm and EVEN THE LYRICS of “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco but I really enjoyed this, recommend it to everyone, great to listen to during hockey games.