Infectious Rage

Methinks the pressure of working with Official Agency are getting to Ally. Oh, and I think this is the first time I’ve named Ally’s client.

Some of you may recall that Kane’s regular workstation has been replaced with the “Slow Loris,” an old Blueberry iMac that, while revolutionary for its day, is slow as shit for a contemporary working environment.

Ally’s computer is just fine. She’s just dealing with idiots.

  • Wilt

    Hahaha. Awesome!

  • kelsey

    This is like me and my slow butt internet. :/

  • Aenya

    Ally’s face = my face. Spot on, psychic portrait artist Jamie.

  • SLW

    What Ally said made me laugh outloud!

  • sleph

    I love the alliterations.

  • Golux

    Don’t diss the Blueberry iMac. Back in the day it earned our company a lot of money. Though we didn’t feel too bad about drop-kicking it into the dumpster at EOL. For precisely the same reasons that this one is called Slow Loris…