You guys, this made me cry. In fact, I’m tearing up as I write this because I’m either such a nerd or such a wimp. But there be tears welling up.

The actors who portray Tokusatsu heroes like Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai Rangers are all very aware of their place in Japanese pop culture. Many of them still enjoy their roles and have fond memories of the shows they were associated with. Children and adults on the street recognize them as their characters.

When the tsunami hit, Teruaki Ogawa who portrayed NinjaRed on Kakuranger started a twitter account to send out inspirational messages to the people of Japan as NinjaRed. Word soon spread throughout the Tokusatsu actor community and many have joined to help spread words of hope as their characters. Ultramen, Kamen Riders, Rangers, and other toku heroes have all sent out tweets to encourage the Japanese to keep fighting. Over-Time has a compilation of translations for English speakers.

The one message that really started the tears rolling for me was from Hiroya Fujimiya who portrayed Ultraman Agul, pictured up top, in Ultraman Gaia:

You’ve all done well up until now! Things may be difficult even from now but only you can help the people who are around you. You have a power that even we cannot match! That is the finishing attack known as a smile! Even if it’s hard now, someday you will be able to save people too!

The finishing attack known as a smile!

So freaking epic!

I mean, I’m way too old to be a Japanese school kid and I was totally inspired by those words. They probably will mean more if you’re familiar with the series the character is from, but all of the messages on that account are full of awesomeness.

Source: Over-Time

  • mura

    Hey, hey… no making me cry at work, you sob…. those guys are just awesome, really.

  • Kairaven

    they are Manly Tears, there are no shame in showing Manly Tears openly

  • Farren

    Wow. I’ve never seen any of those series. I’ve gotten most of the info about them from you. Reading those words brought tears to my eyes too. Who knew a smile was so powerful?

  • kelsey

    oh man, i saw these a little while ago, and they’re so sad and so awesome. T____T