I don’t know if its just an awesome coincidence that Hideaki Akaiwa and the Kamen Rider 1 statue are both in Ishinomaki, but it seems like this is a town for heroes. Akaiwa was at work when the tsunami hit. He ran home to find his entire neighborhood flooded. With no regard for his own safety, Akaiwa grabbed some scuba gear, dove in, swam to his house, and pulled his wife out just before the water swallowed her up. A few days later, he repeated the feat to save his mother.

What makes Akaiwa a true hero in every sense of the word is that he is still going. Not willing to wait for authorities to rescue the town, once he had saved his family he continued on his quest to find and save survivors. He rides out every day on a shitty little bicycle to search for signs of life in the devastation.

No fear. No pain. Kamen Rider Akaiwa, we salute you!

Source: LA Times

  • http://crimm-art.deviantart.com Queen 0f Blades

    That’s freakin’ awesome. I hope that guy gets a medal or something, because that must take some serious balls.

  • Aenya

    It’s moments like this when true heroes show up. It’s sad that their fame only lasts so long and then is forgotten, though…

  • http://awesomemvs.tumblr.com/ Awesome Music Vids

    I don’t think any medal may be enough for this guy. He is a true example of human excellence. We all wish to be of such self-sacrificing and difference-making character. When things become so terrible, to commit to helping others is great.

  • pookie

    Ok. seriously. Jamie you gotta quit this, no good getting me teared up at work (…ok…no good being on yp at work either). Seriously though, this man is incredible.