Subtle Ways

Yikes! Bodie’s gonna need some ointment for that sick burn!

In other news, I’ve started work on book 1 which is to say I created an InDesign document. I’m currently saving out new versions of comics so they conform to some kind of standard. While it’s still early in the process, I figured I’d ask you all what kind of additional features you might like in a print collect. I’m planning on including Pandoom as a backup comic and some development sketches and such. But are there other extras you look for when picking up a print version of a webcomic? Lemme know now so I can plan for it as I hack this thing together.

  • Jordan

    I’ve never quite understood that kind of response. Especially seeing as Julie was going after him for quite a while. Maybe she’s just being sarcastic and he’s not sufficiently confident about the relationship yet?

  • Awesome66

    oohff….. way to manipulate the situation. lol. its hilarious how once the idea of no more sex gets brought up, shit gets real. Bodie looks like the world just ended. hah.

  • keysmash

    Considering past strips I’d guess she is messing with him.
    Frankly I don’t blame him for hesitating.

    New relationship + joint business (especially if they are unclear in contracts) endeavor = high chance of end of relationship

  • Samuraiartguy

    Authors Notes! No, seriously,

    I did THIS [ ] hand drawn (and incompetently calligraphed ) in the frakkin’ 70s at Pratt. It was nearly destroyed in a house fire in 2000. Years later, I was able to digitally restore it, then with the web version, I added the artist’s commentary, so If I ever do a proper bound print version, I am SO adding the comments.


  • mofo

    She’s kidding, of course.
    And I fail to see how building a new site for her would be “joint business”. It’s a gig. I doubt that they’d break up before the site is finished. Also, they’ve known eachother for sometime now and they have a common friend who’d be in the business also. Safe enough for me. :)

    As for the book: development sketches with commentary is a good idea!

  • Aenya

    Whoa, way to give the guy a guilt trip for the ages!
    As for the book: Definitely author’s notes, some rejected ideas, maybe alternative versions of what characters could have said, etc? First sketch ideas for charas maybe, oh and bits of hilarity involving them outside of the storyline ^_^ Like minor outtakes that wouldn’t make it into the comic because of continuity getting into mess otherwise. I might come up with something else later! All I have to say for now.

  • David

    I’m not really awake but I totally thought the wheel was a dragon’s baleful eye in panel 3. Again, not really a comment on the artwork so much as on my grogginess.

  • Fren

    Bodie! My man, this is the part where you take the reins in the relationship. LAUGH at her threat. Tell her that you can get sex ANYWHERE. Nothing takes the wind out of a girl’s sails like feeling not all that special.

  • Cableclip

    Maybe i’m seeing things…. but is the vehicle in panel 3 the motorcycle from akira?

  • Jamie

    @Cableclip, yes!!

  • Disposablepal

    whew, thought i was the only one to notice Kaneda’s bike in panel 3.

  • ImaginaryFriend

    When it comes to print versions of comics I really enjoy the comentary that can be done, if no cometary than inexpensive works.

    e.g. the print version of and the print version of

  • WHassinger

    I’m with the people who say they’d like artist comments. Your posts are no small part of why I enjoy the comic. Talking about artistic styles and influences is always interesting.

    I’d also vote for a set of main character pinups. Not cheese-/beefcake, unless that’s how you’d want to do it, but just the main characters in cool poses or what have you.

  • Alyce husband and I and a couple friends are coming to Baltimore in June. Any good restaurants you could reccomend Jamie? Really wanting to stay in the Inner Harbor area, or I would totally take you up on your glowing review of Mandalay.

  • Jamie

    @Alyce, I’m not terribly familiar with the Inner Harbor area unfortunately. I know there are a lot of great places right there that are well rated. But I do know of a perfect little place that we hit up late night after Super Art Fights. It’s right outside the Inner Harbor close to Johns Hopkins, but it’s worth the drive, especially if you’re vegetarian or have special dietary needs.

    Papermoon Diner is our favorite late night place. Their food is dead tasty and reasonably priced and the decor is all vintage toys! There are toys on every inch of the restaurant!

  • CharmCityShinobi

    Oo I love me some Papermoon. Definitely the best place to go post-Ottobar.

    If you don’t mind me hijacking the comments a bit and putting my 2-cents in, here’s a few more places I’d suggest:
    - If you want/like more diner food, another great place in the north part of the city (Hampden specifically, 36th St.) is Golden West Cafe. A bit pricier than Papermoon, but delicious food and lots of vegetarian/vegan options.
    - If you like tapas, Pazo in Harbor East (on Aliceanna) has some great Mediterranean tapas and entrees.
    - If you like solid Irish pub food, I would argue Slainte in Fells Point (on Thames St.) is the best in the city.

    There’s probably a few more I could list, but I feel like I’ve now put in a little more than 2 cents.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    Bodie’s chest in panel 3 looks a bit girly. Generally, unless it’s supertight, I think you can leave out the cleavage fold line for guys. Male shirt folds generally originate from the shoulders and swoop down around the armpits, but I’ve never seen an illustration or an example in real life when there was a cleavage fold for a guy; even if he has maaad pecs they don’t have much surface changing in the middle so the shirt lays smooth over it. Although I also suck at folds.

    Can’t wait to see Ally’s reaction to all this, btw. These guys are having a crazy weekend.

  • FB

    panel 3 KANEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!