Dodging The Question

Oi! Nice dodge there, Bodie.

True geeks will recognize that Kane’s lament in the fourth panel echos the sentiments of one Cimmerian barbarian. Truly, the things that are best in life.

  • Henry

    When Kane, Bodie, and Ally do finally start their business, Conan’s immortal lines should be incorporated into their corporate mission statement.

  • Jordan

    Sounds like a good inclusion for the PhD Challenge:

  • Fren

    Kane should ask himself … WWCD? Get drunk and punch a camel? Punch out a horse?

  • Aenya

    Nice dodge indeed, Bodie.

  • Revenant

    While, of course, history geeks know that Conan was quoting possibly the most famous barbarian leader of them all: Genghis Khan.

  • Ragnar Miller

    True fact: True history geeks still get picked last for dodge ball…Trust me, I know from experience…