I’ve always thought that behind his primitively gruff exterior, Killer Croc hid an inquisitive intellect. When he’s not on screen or on panel, I imagine he spends his time contemplating the great questions of the universe. And playing chess with insane women.

Harley, too, has an intellectual streak. So pairing the two of them together for a friendly chess game just seemed natural to me.

Harley’s costume is one of those iconic designs that I don’t think needs much tinkering. The Arkham Asylum game version of her costume is terribly garish. So I wanted to stick as close to her original as possible. I added an addition cut to further emphasize her duality.

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    It’s pretty easy to forget that Harley Quinn was a psychologist before she fell in love with the joker. It’s hard to get a PhD in psychology and not have some sort of intellectual streak.

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    Oh, and great picture!

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    I think that this is the most insightful take on croc and quinn I’ve seen.Its good to see someone appreciate the complexity of such characters besides whats on the surface.