Katsuchans has responded to our populist outrage with a further clarification of their fan art policy. Here are the new official rules as stated on the site as of Monday:

Katsucon’s policy now and forever is to have zero tolerance towards copyright violations as part of any of our convention functions. This includes the Artist Alley, Anime Music Videos, Cos-Play, and other convention programming. If a valid copyright holder finds, in any venue of the convention, a perceived violation of their intellectual property and thus makes a complaint to our staff, we will act on that complaint and request that the offensive materials be removed from public display.

This next part is VERY important: Katsucon is not an enforcement arm of any individual media company or copyright holder. We are a group of unpaid volunteers who have neither the capacity nor the inclination to police innocent attendees or search for suspected violations. We are also uninterested in any hypothetical copyright violations reported to us by unrelated third parties with a grudge.

This sounds a lot like YouTube’s policy. So if you have a stack of Kamen Rider fanarts at your table, unless Toei or whoever licenses Kamen Rider in the U.S. (which is no one, really. The Dragon Knight folks get Ryuki, but I think that’s about it) says anything, Katsuchans will not kick you out. If someone other than Toei or whoever licenses Kamen Rider in the U.S. (still waiting for someone), Katsuchan will not kick you out. If Toei or whoever licenses Kamen Rider in the U.S. (please tell me how much it is so I can draw official Kamen Rider mangas) complains, that’s when Katsuchans will take action.

This puts the responsibility of finding copyright violations squarely on the licensing companies since most of the original creators are in Japan and probably won’t be flying over to visit us at Katsuchan. Seems fairly reasonable to me.

I feel like there’s more I should be writing seeing as how the last time I visited the dreaded fan art policy I ranted off a bajillion reasons why it sucks. But this new policy answers all of my concerns. I hope this one sticks. And I hope they work it out next year much sooner so we don’t have all this last minute confusion.

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  • http://www.conscrew.com Kara

    I think your coherent argument helped a lot. There was a ton of shouting on the mailing list about ‘not fair’-ness and it didn’t help a damn thing.

  • Aenya

    Does that mean you’re going to use the badge arts you already had made, the ones mixing all the chars from different series?

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    Well, the con has already decided that it’s not going to use my original badge arts. I might make some cards or something, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

  • http://awesomemvs.tumblr.com/ Awesome Music Vids

    Doesn’t Bandai own Kamen Rider in the US?

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    I’m guessing either Bandai or Toei keeps the international rights until someone license Kamen Rider from them. I wonder how big the licensing fees are.