I’m going to start posting sketches and random art on the weekends mostly to motivate myself to do more arts in general. These will be the Weekend Wigglies!

I was asked to provide some badge art for this year’s Katsucon. Since every anime con I’ve ever gone to has used fan art or official art for badges, I figured I’d play it safe and do a bunch of fan pieces. You can check them out at my portfolio site. I turned these in sometime at the end of last year, more than enough time for them to approve and print.

At Super Art Fight 9, I was told by my good friend Chris IMPACT Impink that at the last minute, the con staff decided that fanart was not to be used for any Katsucon product. No fanart in the program. No fanart for the badges. None. I will rant about this whole American Anime cons vs fanart at some other point, but the takeaway lesson here is that if an American anime con asks you for badge art, make up some shit with no connection to any existing property.

The con is three weeks away, not a lot of time to produce new, original art and get them shits printed. So instead of 9 new designs, I only have time for two. The theme is Mardi Gras so I came up with some dancing characters.

Here are two kaiju dancing. They will be dancing on a city in ruins which I’ll paint in as I color.

Here we have the cast of the comic dancing. I give myself permission to make fanart and let Katsucon use them shits for badges, so there!

  • Aenya

    Damn, that sucks, what the hell are they on about? People want to see fanart in any shape and form, especially since yours is actually more fun to see as it mixes things together in portions I wouldn’t expect. That’s just b/s on Katsucon’s part.