I finally finished the intro animation for my Puppy Cow series! Witness “Puppy With a Cow Udder” in its full animated glory!

And check out Monster Cutie for the making of this silly thing.

  • http://www.threewireguy.wordpress.com BigNed

    This. Is. AWESOME. Ruff, Ruff, Moo…epic. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Wilt

    haha, hiliarious! What did you use to animate this Jamie?

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    Anime Studio. Most of the art was created in Illustrator and then brought over to animate in Anime Studio. I’m kind of eyeing Toon Boom, but I’m not quite ready for the jump.

  • Aenya

    Oh man, haha, awesome. So much ruffruffmooness :3

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  • White Rice

    That was pretty amazing. I can’t help but wonder what magical and terrifying places this series will take us to. I greatly look forward to more.

  • http://awesomemvs.tumblr.com/ Awesome Music Vids

    This is really cool and the quality is very high. I’ll look over at Monster Cutie to see how it was done. How many hours of work was it, approximately?

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    @awesome, oh man, I have no idea how many hours. Lots of late nights, some weekend work, squeezing an hour or two here and there. At least 40 I’d say because I’m slow as hell.

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