Fear The Turtle

Unlike most of the relationshipy stuff that goes on in the comic, this actually happened to me in high school. I met this girl on a music department trip to Disney World for some kinda music competition. She was a flutist in the band and I was a violinist in the orchestra and we just kinda hit it off. By the end of the trip, we were regularly tongue wrestling whenever we could.

About a week or so after we all got back from the trip, I find out that she’s already dating this giant of a man who was at least a foot taller than me. The encounter recounted in the comic went down pretty much like that. It was fucking surreal. As I’m allergic to crazy, I decided right then and there to break it off. She and that giant dude continued to date as far as I knew. And that’s the last I heard of her.

I didn’t date all that much in high school or college, but I suspect everyone who’s ever dated ever has at least one crazy person in their past. I was lucky enough to spot the crazy before things got too far out of control.

Oh, and for anyone curious about why a big boy like Rex would want you to fear a turtle, direct your eye to my alma mater! Actually, don’t. Didn’t have much Terp pride when I went there and I don’t really now.

  • http://www.verylate.com/ Henry

    “Memories not to scale!” =)

  • Aenya / Minato

    Haha, well. I love it when stereotypical people turn out not to fit into the picture drawn around them, it’s always great. But seriously, a football player a squishy munchkin? Too much ! *cracks up*

  • Kyle Wright

    So just because I have to make the jokes….

    1. This one time at band disney world camp…


    2. You should really look up the slang/sexual use of the term “turtle” makes the shirt even funnier!

  • FmF

    Is Rex base off of me?I’m a big mean looking guy and I’m just as soft hearted as that.If not more.You know how fast a room get awkwardly silent when a 240 ld man gaww’s at a kitten.

  • Sirhouse

    I have done this. I have always been compariable to Bludo from Labyrinth. I have had this exact conversation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelsey-Zetsubousensei-Wailes/1526003170 Kelsey Zetsubousensei Wailes

    pretty much everyone at my school is this disproportionate too. so many giants. D:

  • Charlie

    Memories not to scale!! Awesome.

    BTW, that big dude is reminding me of some early Frank Cho….

  • Ido013

    lmao that was an awesome turn of events, and I also loved the “Memories not to scale” sign! XD

  • Walker

    True story: I’d never heard of you before, and will probably never hear of you after this. For no apparent reason except boredom, I searched TVtropes for “fear the turtle” and this came up.

    Seriously, you should fear the turtle. Especially if you’re from New Jersey.