Proof Of Like

Ya see, Lance is the perfect wing man for Kane. He’ll never steal a girl that Kane is interested in and he can get all the juicy gossip from the ladies because Lance is that fucking cool.

In other news, my Puppy Cow Omi is hanging on the wall of Omi at Munkey King and is up for sale! I really love the platform. It comes with its own stand and it’s the perfect size for all sorts of fun customs. I may have to start making more of these to take with me to shows. We’ll see.

  • Aenya / Minato

    I love hanging out with my gay guy-friends, it’s always hilarious when all three of us ogle a cute guy and rawr at the same time! But I imagine had Lance not been Kane’s cousin, the situation would be kinda awkward, there’s always the possibility that he’d get drunk and start hitting on him XD;; I’m so awful, I know. (I totally wanna see this pair in yaoi, and my hints aren’t very subtle, are they?)

  • Ido013

    Yes I love the turn of situation! Lance sure knows how to make it shine lol.

  • FmF

    From my experience when a women ask what kind of girl you like.Even if it not asked directly at you.It normally mean one horrible thing.She planing to try to set you up.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    The facial expressions in the last two panels are done well. The way you draw faces was excellent to begin with, but the subtlety and well-done perspective (really, face perspective is hard for me) of both characters shows that you’re improving with each strip! I especially like the opposite emotions of Kane and Lance in the same panels. Keep yellowperiling.

  • Mike Crichton

    Will there be a polyamorous threesome? If so, I called it first!