Either Lance really sense the powers of awesome with Greg, or he’s a sucker for a pretty face.

Other M Concluded

In other news round the web, the final part of my three page guest comic for Dueling Analogs just ran. Here’s Part II and Part I. If I ever get to make YP a regular fulltime gig, I can guaran-damn-tee awesome color.

Thank you, Steve, for letting me invade your comic for a few days. And to all you Dueling Analog fans who are here to check YP out, thank you for visiting. The art style is quite different from what I sent over to Steve, but hopefully the characters and story-lines will make up for the lack of RGB goodness. Those new to the comic can check out the cast page (now with updated Greg profile) and the archive which is broken down into story-lines. Thanks again for visiting! Hope you enjoy your stay.

  • Minato / Aenya

    The power of awesome it issss.. NOT. Lance is totally a sucker for Greg’s man-meat. I sense a future hijack mission to turn Greg gay!!! Ahem. Totally not a rabid yaoi fangirl. Nothing to see here. Move along. D:

  • Jenova

    *LOL* ^^ MInato I do agree with you on Lance sucking… things here… but I am not so shure about the ya- *JEDIHANDWAVE*
    Moving along. #_#

  • greg

    I am suddenly fearful of the future events in this comic

  • DisposablePal

    it seems Kane has met his greatest foe. his overall coolness makes him difficult to judge, Kane must not underestimate his hidden powers

  • kelsey

    i’m almost 70% sure that this greg fellow is just the old spice guy. :D

    look at you man
    now back to me
    now to your man
    and BACK TO ME

  • Jamie

    Actually, I was going for Lance Reddick of “The Wire” and “Fringe” fame. He is a sexy piece of string bean man meat he is!

  • Minato / Aenya

    Nono, I agree with kelsey. Greg totally seems like the Old Spice guy. Also, Jenova is weak-minded, I must make note that this susceptibility to my jedi powers will be useful in the future. Mwaha.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    Love the first and last panels. They do a good job of opening an closing a conversation–a sort of difficult thing in comics really.

  • Ido013

    lol Lance is so gonna help Kane by scoring with Greg! XD
    @Jamie, by the way~Lance Reddick is also in Lost lol

  • Ido013

    I just realized the terrible pun you did Jamie! XD Basing Greg on Lance Reddick and Lance saying that he’s awesome..? :P I totally see what you did there lol. Also he doesn’t look as scary serious as Reddick though (seriously I thought he was a robot in Lost).

  • Jenova

    The weak-mindedness only comes into play with yaoi. ^^
    (Also TOTALLY not into that… …or something… ^^ )

    @General Audience
    As of now I can´t really say anything about Greg, other than he seems to be a nice Guy. Well, THAT Lance saying “YUM” in tha last Strip made clear, that Greg is supposed to be a full package of yummy Man-Meat… even if it does not look like that to many of us. (I don´t like the name/abbreviation Greg somehow, Gregor sounds much better and… manlier? oO Something along these lines. )

  • fo

    Going so well…. until the mud shark-ery. Sick.