The Plight Of The Wallflower

In my limited experience, if you can’t dance at the club, no one will be interested in you. Of course, I’ve only been to a handful of clubs and my experiences were slightly skewed. One time, I went with a friend and spent the entire night nursing a coke. The music was horrible which kind of gets in the way of me shaking my groove thing. The other times I’ve gone to a club were with my wife so my sampling is not very accurate. Who knows, maybe wallflowers are the in thing these days. But I suspect that those who do not get their asses out on the dance floor leave the club alone.

Welcome Dueling Analog Fans

In other news, if you head on over to Dueling Analogs, you’ll see what happens when I have time to color a comic. Steve asked for guest comics and I came up with a three page story involving Samus and Mega Man. He’s running my guest strips this week so you get twice the comics from me! Thank you, Steve, for the opportunity. And welcome to all you Dueling Analog fans.

Yellow Peril is an Asian American office romance comedy so while video games have been mentioned a handful of times, the focus is on office politics and horrible romance. Check out the cast page to meet our characters. And the archive is split up into individual story arcs. Thank you for stopping by and thank you again, Steve, for letting me take over your comic for a few days!

  • Jack T Robyn

    I have a pathological aversion to physical contact with strangers. While it can be surpressed with alcohol, it usually takes more than I am able to consume and still remember how to walk on two legs.

  • Jamie

    This is probably a good policy to have, especially in a club where everyone is smooshed so close together.

  • FmF

    Got to admit when Kane with going to the club with Lance.I thought going to a club with a porn star would be a futile effort.Now it make all the sense in the world.Get the girls on the rebound.By the way Cocks of fury have a rather misleading cover.

    Is it weird that I’m ecstatic that some one,any one, have a non stereotype gay man in here.So can you please go around licking tv execs cups or some thing to spread the non lazy writer virus around?

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  • Ido013

    Hey nice comic by the way, I did come from Dueling Analog really fond of the art you used there then got hooked here~ XD Great stuff Jamie! Lol we finally see Kane’s number one enemy.

  • Van Strapp

    Well, it’s 6pm in Melbourne, I came here from Dueling Analogs, and I’ve just read the entire YP archive in about 2 hours. Maybe it was 2.5, I dunno.

    Good thing I work from home…

  • Jenova

    Nice look on Kane`s Face in the last panel. ^^

    And… your Guest Strip at DA… I am at a loss of words, it`s just awesome.

  • Minato / Aenya

    WELL. This isn’t exactly how I expected Ally’s boyfriend to be =O But hey, it’s nice to be surprised ;D (And I agree with FmF, it definitely makes sense.) Nice job on the Dueling Analogs comic too, Jamie, I’d totally play that!

  • Jamie

    @Minato, I’m glad I could keep you on your toes!

    @Jenova, thank you! I wish I could do more color stuff, but I rarely have the time. If I ever get to do YP fulltime, there will be color!

    @Van Strapp, thank you for giving YP a shot!

    @Idol013, I was a little worried people would be thrown off by the different art styles, but I’m glad you stuck around!

    @FmF, I don’t think I’ll licking TV execs anything any time soon, blech, but thanks for the thought. It would be kind of insane to see YP as a televised sitcom.