To Get You Laid

Sexy man meat! Whoo! And now we know what kind of porn star Lance is!

As for the relationship buffer, I’m not so sure. I know a few people who have gotten out of bad relationships to hop into new ones that lasted quite a long while. Then again, I’ve seen a few fall miserably apart. So who knows the hell knows what to do.

I guess the point is, you should always be careful when following relationship advice. You know you better than anyone else.

  • mofo

    I completely agree with mr. Hung Low. You gotta do stupid things to be able to let go. And you need someone with enough bad advice to help you do so. You might think you know yourself more than anyone else, but other people have different perspectives, and sometimes even bad perspectives can help to steer you the right way.
    Btw, is Lance changing into something more sexy, or simply going topless? :)

  • Fren

    Meh. I had a string of girlfriends and got burned out on the whole bit. Took a two year hiatus and then jumped back in the pool. Met one, married that one, bam. Here it is, six years later and we’re still going strong.

  • Minato

    Well well well, this is becoming just as interesting as I have foreseen, mwaha.

  • DisposablePal

    best wing man ever.

  • Drezz

    I see this endeavour backfiring horribly… I can’t wait to laugh at the dumbassery that unfolds! :D

  • Awesome Music Videos

    2nd panel’s dynamic word balloonage is too good. With your approval, may I steal this fantastic technique and name you as an artistic influence? Of course, I wouldn’t use it on every comic page because that would be overkill.

  • Jamie

    No prob! Although I’m fairly certain it’s been done before. There aren’t too many ways to really innovate the word balloon. My balloons are all influenced by traditional dead tree comics.

  • Leesachan

    Yummyyyy :D