Evil Bitch Goddess

I suppose “Evil Bitch Goddess” isn’t the most flattering way to refer to an ex. But I love the phrase so much and have been waiting for a chance to drop it and it’s just the thing Lance would say about anyone who messed with Kane.

In other news, today is the absolute last day to pre-order the first proper round of Yellow Peril shirts from Shark Robot. If you ever wanted to wear Kane’s first shirt or a shirt with the powers of awesome quote, now’s your chance!

  • http://www.coinflipcinema.com MikeyD

    I think Evil Bitch Goddess is a perfect way to describe an ex.

  • m4sterp

    Neko basu bag, WANT!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelsey-Zetsubousensei-Wailes/1526003170 Kelsey Zetsubousensei Wailes

    i love the catbus bag

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie

    It is my secret hope that Ghibli makes a cat bus bag so that I can buy it!

  • Minato

    Well, look who isn’t going to get any work done over the weekend now, huh? Poor Kane. Stuff just seems to topple over and right onto him doesn’t it ?

  • http://awesomemvs.tumblr.com/ Awesome Music Vids

    Porn star roommate for the ultra lulz. Oh, and the third panel transition–fantastic AND unexpected! You really have mad skills for panel design :D

  • mofo

    I don’t wanna know what’s in the bag.

  • Sirhouse

    I refer to my ex as “The Shrew.” Shrug.