Careful What You Wish For

Is it possible that Kane bought an entire bucket of chicken for himself to eat in one night? Yes, yes it is. It’s difficult to read, but the great big “Buhket o’ Chikinz” is the best bucket of chicken you can get. Truth!

I’ve been drawing Reaperchu in a lot of Super Art Fights lately so it should come as no small surprise to see him show up on Kane’s shirt. While Reaperchu is not yet available on any type of apparel (yet), you can pick up Kane’s very first shirt over at Shark Robot. Yellow Peril apparel (say that a bunch of times fast) is still on pre-order until November 10. Check em out!

  • Wilt Manglicmot

    Reaperchu = AWESOME!

  • Minato

    Heh, Silly Kane, Life is overrated. Also, Reaperchu should be your next plushie if it wasn’t under a license :P

  • Kimba

    I saw you make the Reaperchu at the AU SAF too. So adorably deathly.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    Lance’s pectorals should end a bit lower than that–he’s not a chick lol!

  • Jamie

    Reaperchu plushies would be so much fun and I bet they would sell like mad. But I think a pokemon license would break my bank at this point. Someday, someday they shall come to be and beg to have Reaperchu made!!!!

  • Jamie

    @Awesome, AH! Poop, it’s true! Ah well.

  • MikeyD

    Doesn’t Parody fall under fair use?

  • Jamie

    I think it might be different if I’m making product. I think little drawings and such might be covered, but I’m not sure.