The Way To A Man’s Shoulder

That’s right, ladies, if you want to attack your man’s shoulder with your head, give him a burger. Might I suggest one of the Blazing Sword variety?

The poorly drawn characters in that last panel that the two white Lurv Daruma are holding is Chinese for “Double Happiness.” You see that a lot at New Years and weddings and all kinds of happy occasions. And although a burger date in the ER is hardly romantic, I figured it was call enough for some double happiness action. The Lurv Daruma agree.

  • Wilt Manglicmot

    This is awesomely sweet!

  • mofo

    “although a burger date in the ER is hardly romantic”
    You can’t be serious. This would make a pretty neat “how I met your mother” kinda story.

  • Techhead

    Isn’t a “double happy marriage” used as a euphemism for a shotgun wedding?

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  • Rachelle

    Finally! I never knew what that character meant, but always thought it looked so cool because of it’s symmetry.

  • Minato

    Wait! How does Julie know the name of the burgers?

  • Jamie

    @Minato, why indeed? ;)

  • tsarstepan

    Great point though I’m more interested in how she always carries around two emergency burgers in her pocketbook. She must have been a girl scout growing up. Always prepared (and yes I know “be prepared” is a boy scout motto) ;-)