That’s a nasty looking cut. Major hand wounds really get in the way of a first date.

Some of you may have missed it on Friday since I announced it later in the day, but I’ve got seven shirts up for pre-sale over at Shark Robot. Well, it’s really six since one is printed on two colors. The pre-order goes until November 10 so get your orders in soon.

I haven’t really pushed merch that much. The company I was working with to do shirts was really good quality wise. They have excellent print-on-garment technology that produces shirt graphics that last a decent while. But the shipping delays were horrible. It took over 30 days to deliver shirts so I always felt uncomfortable promoting such a service. Now that I’m working with Shark Robot, I no longer have those worries. The shirts will be screen printed and shipped within 5-8 business days in the US and 1-5 weeks internationally. I can also offer up larger sizes at a lower price point than the previous service so it’s awesome sauce all around.

Head on over to the Yellow Peril section of Shark Robot and pre-order an awesome shirt (I’m really hoping there are enough pre-orders for the Love of the Worlds one to get made). Depending on how well these go, there will be more crazy designs from me in the future.

  • Nelly

    The shirts are totally rad! I love the panda one! Because, you know, they are bears!

  • Christopher Clause

    I didn’t see any product info on the website. What brand are the shirts? Definitely thinking about picking up the panda one as well, people need to be informed of their Bearitude.

  • Jamie

    @Christopher Clause, looks like it’s Gildan from this shirt measurement chart.

  • Awesome Music Vids

    Julie is so badass for being able to sew up a guy’s hand. Sewing Up a Dude’s Hand After He Cut It Open = the most badass form of sewing :P

  • SamuraiArtGuy

    Heh. Dude points to Bode for the “knockout” comeback, especially since he’s in broderline shock. Go playa.

  • Jamie

    @SamuraiArtGuy, Like momma always said, there’s always time to hit on a hot chick!

  • SamuraiArtGuy


  • Alyce

    I am seriously in love with the Dalek shirt. Damn not keeping up with the website. Too late to ask for it for Christmas. I do have a birthday in May however…I will be back. ;)