Asfault Battler

Asfault Battler starring Julie Wong is obviously my send-up of Street Fighter. Bodie Guy is kidnapped for some reason or other by the evil organization lead by the mysterious and generally bad tempered Steve. So it’s up to Asfault Battler Julie to save Bodie. I haven’t quite worked out the details, but that’s the gist. I love the look of Julie in this shot. I gotta work on her leotard a bit, but I didn’t want to completely copy Cammy’s style. And Steve should probably be more of a riff on M. Bison than Akuma. Need a little more work on this one. Might be fun to do it in color as well.

  • Jack T Robyn

    …asphalt. Everything is awesome though. I think an Akuma-style fighter with Bison’s Ego-powers would make for a sweet parody-villain. Cammilla White doesn’t own the rights to the sleveless leotard either!

  • Vortigar

    Had a Gen13 (Caitlin Fairchild) vibe from this one once I cropped the Akuma visual out of screen. It’s the vertical line on the leotard that does it. And then there’s the link to Bruce Lee’s boiler suit of course.

    Wicked image and pose, really jumps out at you.

  • Stuff Artists Like

    Julie can totally pwn Steve :D

  • Chris

    I can also picture Kane dressed up in a Gambit-esque outfit as an optional character as well.