The Morning After

And with that, Yellow Peril has officially graduated to the 100 comics club! In the great scheme of things, it’s not such a big deal, especially with such a downer comic for such a kinda momentous occasion. But we’ve made it to strip #100 and we’re still going strong! Oh, and Audrey helped out with lettering today. She wanted to give it shot. Looks pretty good to me!

The sad truth about working in design is that sometimes the client just doesn’t like what you did no matter how much time and effort you put into the work. It’s a tough reality to deal with sometimes. The trick is to be able to divorce yourself from your work so that you don’t take rejections personally. It sometimes takes years to get to a point where outright client rejections don’t rattle you. But the mark of a good designer is one who can take outlandish client criticism without taking it personally. Or so I’ve been told.

  • sebtoure

    Congrats on this 100th comic!
    I love Ally’s grin in panel 3. One can almost hear the thick silence.

  • mofo

    Happy 100th comic! Yay! :) Thank you so far for all your work. Keep it up!

    “The trick is to be able to divorce yourself from your work so that you don’t take rejections personally.” – Absolutely. First thing you gotta learn in this business.

    Also, the style looks a bit different in this strip. Especially ally on the last two panels. Or is it just me? Anyway, lettering looks great too!

  • Henry

    Yay for Audrey helping out!

  • Stuff Artists Like

    What crappy jobs these guys have. Isn’t there some sort of Lego robot that can draw? That thing should be doing their job for them, while they drink bubble tea and eat waffles. Sorry, I just have it easier and I was feeling sorry for Bodie and Kane :( even though every job has its annoyances, being a designer looks like the ultimate poop minefield from Tattooine in terms of professional and creative satisfaction.

  • Minato

    Happy 100th! Hopefully we’ll see a 1000 :3

  • Jamie

    @Minato, that’s at least ten years I think. I think I can manage that!! I hopes.

  • reynard61

    Happy Hundredth! On to 200!

  • SamuraiArtGuy

    100 Comics! Woot!

    And SO been here. Got one going right now. Last week I was on the on the verge of totally caving with a client. After about six eight rounds of revisions with a web project, am right at the point of keeping my professional advice to myself and just doing whatever they ask for and get the sign-off. Hopefully they’ll back off the terrifyingly ugly extremes of design once they SEE it. One can only hope. Now it’s showing them that the design they like codes BADLY in html. Back to designs. LOLZ

    Thank the GODZ the meter is running.