No More Slash Fiction Before Bed

And with our final sexy entry, we end Yellow Peril’s first Fanservice Week! I tried my best to emulate the style of Alphonse Mucha with a slight twist. You should totally check out more of his amazing work at the official Alphonse Mucha site and then come back and laugh at how poorly my interpretation is executed.

Tomorrow is SPX! I’m really excited since this is my first time doing the show as an exhibitor. I’m kind of bummed because I don’t have a book out to push, but I don’t quite have enough comics in the archive just yet. Just you wait, SPX 2011, I’m coming for ya! So I’ll be selling some prints, buttons, and my mini and I’ll be drawing stuff for anyone who asks. I’m super excited and nervous and all those weird feelings you get when you go on a first date. This is sort of my reintroduction to the con circuit which is a bit silly since this is kind of the end of the big con season. There are more details in the blog post bellow so check it out.

  • Kevin Church

    What a fantastic climax to these three strips.

  • Jamie

    Thanks Kevin! I had a lot of fun with this one.

  • Judy K

    Ummmmm absolutely yes to the first panel. :O

    Beautiful perversion aside: very well drawn! You’ve gone through such different styles this week~

  • mofo

    There’s something lurking right next to the bed.

  • mofo

    And your “Mucha” aint half bad, congrats! I like his work, even managed to go to an exhibition once. For me, he is the vector artist of the pre-digital age.

  • Jenova

    Just Awesome, ^^ again you are simply Rocking the House with your style experiments.
    loved the Noir, CAN only love this one. (Not because I´m into yaoi, but just for the Insanity of your Chars. xD )

    HELL YEAH! For Fanservice Week!

    And the first to panels are incredibly good. You did get the “kinda sexual Beauty” thing great. ^^

    Yes, the… “Thingi” looks like it´s about to jump and GLOMP Ally. ^^
    Damn! I want a picture of that, would be SO CUTE! : D

  • Jamie

    The thingy on the bed is a this and it is super cute in real lifes!

  • Kimba

    She dreams of yaoi… nice.

  • Hamstadini

    The REAL fanservice here is that Ally sleeps in the nude :P

  • Jamie

    @Hamstadini, ;)

  • Stuff Artists Like

    You’ll be selling your mini? How much? I need a tiny yet flashy car :P

  • RemoteControlAxe

    On that note, no Julie dreams?

    Wow, it’s been a long time since I heard the word “glomp”.

  • Jamie

    @RemoteControlAxe, I might add her’s in as a bonus somewhere, maybe in the eventual print edition. Kane, Bodie, and Ally seemed like good choices since they interact with each other everyday. Plus, three fits in nicely with the update schedule.

  • Wayne Zombie

    Myself, I think the design behind Bodie & Kane is pretty cool, can’t decide if it’s part of a dragon, tentacle, or yin/yang symbol. And I really don’t see a problem with a woman reading slash before going to bed, my wife does it all the time. She also reads it during the day and at work.

  • Jenova

    @RemoteControlAxe (awesome Nick by the way)

    I am spending too much time on TVTropes.
    (And I kinda like that word. ^^ )

  • Jenova

    @RemoteControlAxe (awesome Nick by the way)

    I am spending too much time on TVTropes.
    (And I kinda like that word. ^^ )

    *OMG* ^^
    It is SO cute! (Now I really want it to glomp Ally. ) #_#

  • Jenova


    *WTF* Happened there? MEDIC! ^^

  • Chami

    Don’t worry, you had a good showing at SPX. Loved the print and the button, and remember that design can always use a little more pink in it. : / -Dante

  • Zach Arzac McCarthy

    At least she thinks of Kane in a sexual way; just not the way he’d prefer.

  • Jamie

    @Chami, thank you! I’ve been trying to use brighter colors in general in my colored work, but I think you might be right. Can’t go wrong with more pink!

  • SaxItUp

    I like this more than the others. Only reason being the art style. The subject I don’t care for. The style is very artful.

  • Bloghdaw

    …yeah, I’m kinda late seeing this, but she should definitely read more slash.

  • Proff.Lawl

    It’s a heart. each panel has half the swirly heart.

  • Proff.Lawl

    heh, I’d read that~ ♥